Inoki-kun (kitsunenoinari) wrote in crack_no_jutsu,

Sorry About Everything.

August is going to be an icky, icky month for me. x_x;;

I have two AP assignments which will continue to have a chokehold on my life, and to top things off, my dog just died (this is ironic in more ways than one, seeing as Akamaru was ill at the same time as he was. Of course, the outcome is the opposite of what ultimately became of Akamaru).

Unfortunately, since RPing is ranked pretty low on my list of priorities at present (it's not at the bottom, rest assured), I won't be participating in the Chuunin Exams... I'm sorry, but getting over this grief (I've had him since I was eight! He leaves behind another dog... but it's not like she misses him) and taking care of academic pre-requisites is (sadly) more of a necessity in my eyes than CnJ.

Truth be told, the last thing I want is for me to be kicked out of my AP classes because I failed to complete the summer assignments. I worked very hard to get accepted into these classes. There is only one AP Biology class in my school (if memory serves me right) and nought but a few AP United States History classes; no more than two or three.

To mirroriste--this is only a taste of what's yet to come. Just wait: when school comes around, I'll be mortally screwed. ._. When I'm not talking to you, I'm doing my assignments. Honestly. I just took a break yesterday is all. Congrats to Ino, by the way.

So yeah... please don't request an RP with Shino or Iruka because you will be put down (unless we have discussed it beforehand). I don't know how long this "hiatus" of sorts is set to last... I guess as long as it takes to complete these assignments.



4.7.98 - 7.31.06

For the record, an Advanced Placement class is a college-level course taken while still in high school that may or may not yield college credit (depending on the class and whether or not you pass the College Board Exams). It is usually voluntary (this is not always the case... my twin brother is being forced to take AP Biology because he so just happens to be a Bio-Med major). Ask mirroriste; she's not taking any AP classes.

My most heartfelt apologies to bluenaga... it must feel like I'm ignoring you. >.<;; I'm not--it's just that you always seem to go about IM-ing me at the most inconvenient of times.
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