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going away~

ok so im going away for two weeks as MOST people know already. So this is the situation with my characters:

Ino is on a mission. the babies are....well no one is supposed to know who theyre with XD but theyre with kyuubi unless he cant handle something then hes been told to give them to billy to take care of. but its supposed to be a secret, ssshhh!

Anko is on a mission too.

Cho is training

Chouji is on the same mission as Ino. ^_^

i'll try to be on sparatically. hopefully the hotels we stay in have internet connection! *crosses fingers8 oh btw Hoi when u read this:

on sunday i will be in london-heathrow airport from 8:15 to 12:15 if there are no delays. we're going to be in the lounge thingy cause of my dads special buisiness class card that he gets for work. they have computers in there >D rawr! i wanna say hi to you while im in england!

*will have to find a way to do so despite the computers most likely not having msn or AIM on them x_X* *sigh*


im leaving saturday night Eastern Standard Time so ill be on the computer until then ^^

JA NE! SEE YOU GUYS IN TWO WEEKS! and a week after i return is my birthday@ huzzah!
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