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Please excuse my lack of...everything [10 Nov 2006|12:40pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I apologize for my lack of updating/rping...Inactive-ness altogether. Life has been kicking my ass lately. I've been preparing to move and what not. I leave on the 9th of next month so I doubt I'll be able to rp anytime after that. SO...Because of all of this...I QUIT....j/ I'm just going on an extended hiatus. Not sure when I'll be back. Hopefully sooner than expected. In anycase...

I love you all!!

what the characters are doing while I'm gone:

Haku: Off training, doing missions, reflecting, etc...
Hayate: Taking care of tsunade's daughter.
Kotetsu: Took a long break away from konoha travelling around trying to find himself, and train.

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Im just a waste. [02 Oct 2006|12:50am]

[ mood | blank ]

I seriously can't take it anymore people, I dont want to be dead weight anymore, even though everyone goes on I still feel like dead space so, I'm out. Theres really no other way for me to say it.

Take Wulf and Gai off.

Gai loved you all and Wulf hated you all, have fun people~


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Eh, sorry. [28 Sep 2006|11:30pm]

I'd like to apologize for like, joining and then disappearing. I had a rather um, rough batch, and then I went on a trip, (First con! w00t!) But I'm back now, and won't go away agian, I promise. Sooo sorry. I'd tell more, but no one really wants to hear me whine, lol.
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[23 Sep 2006|11:51pm]

Hey guys, Aikei here.

well, ive been debating this for a WHILE now, but im going to have to drop chouji.  v_v hes NEVER rped and my muse has died.

lets just say he went on a long mission with Sokka.  since she IS his summon after all...

he left Nara with shika.  crack!shika.  not regular shika. 

um....yeah so please remove Butterfly_chips from your friends list and ButterfliiChips from aim ^-^


btw im going to take up zetsu as a replacement....keep an eye out! ^-^
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[23 Sep 2006|09:58pm]

Meh es the new Deidara. Now, I want to say 1) Hello to one and all!, 2) I hope I'l be acepted and RP well, 3) This is my first try at a crack RP, so I'd be kind of unsure of mah actions, 4) I'd never had an LJ before, so I really suck, bear with it, and finally 5) ANY HELP IS ACCEPTED AND REALLY NEEDED! I AM CONFUSED HERE!

I really need friends, who can help me, and guidelines to... well... Guide meh. If there are any things about the previous IC Deidara, please care to tell. I probably would be too *unsure* to IM anybody, so if anyone is kind 'nuff to, please do so first. I am not used to interacting with such a heap of peoples, but I'll try mah best. Sorry if I bothered anyone, or acted stupid.

Meh Nyship. 
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[21 Sep 2006|03:01pm]


We have a few new characters! Sorry about such a late update, but internet still isnt sorted in my flat, and wont be for the next 6 weeks aparently T_T *sighs*

anyway, here are the new characters ^_^


Character: IC Deidara (yes we have a new one because the old one seemed to have died on us)
AIM: DeiDeiUn
LJ: dehboom

Character: IC Konohamaru
AIM: notsoHiddenleaf
LJ: gaki_kore

Please add them to your friends list...

And I am not too sure but is Reb coming back? O_o If so, we might have a Sasori returning ^_^

Hope you all have fun rping!!! ♥

CNJ mod
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BIG NEWS ATTENTION PLZ!!! [12 Sep 2006|06:56pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone *shoots down your schools* u_u

Mina is going to do something she NEVER tried before 9_9 it MAY be a small thing, but to me it something I don't really like but yet again I want to mess with some particular peoples heads >w>

SO....for the first time EVER , I'm taking in a second character in the same community ._. HOPEFULLY I will be able to keep it because I'm starting college next month so I will give it a shot and see, If not..oh well at least I tried XD

OOC sauske people ...I STILL DON'T LIKE SAUSKE THAT MUCH >.< but I enjoy RPing an OOC one *_* which is way worst than the real one fufufufufu *eyes hoi* >:3

Please add
LJ: tensaisama
AIM: Pervsasu

:3 ...


I BETTER SEE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ON >.< *shakes fist and breaks a random person's back*

u_u; *walks away*

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Moving House [04 Sep 2006|12:13pm]

Alright, sorry for not doing this update sooner, but I have been very busy lately O_O

Me and my sister are moving into a flat today, and I will be leaving tomorrow to stay around D:

But problem is I wont have interent for possibly a few weeks, due to a mess up with the phone line over there z_z; I will try to get updated with everything using the interent at the university, but that means no rping through AIM or MSN as the university computers are crap T_T

We will try get it sorted as soon as possible and I will continue reading up on everything here x_x

Hope you all have fun! And good luck to everyone who has already gone back to college/school etc! ^_^

Muse Excuses

*thinks hard* >.<;;;;

Billy: On a mission T_T;; Can we say Tsunade gave him one after he asked for one to train for the chunnin exams ;__; sorry Naruto...HE WILL SEND FLOWERS EACH DAY DX;;; *and hoi will text mina and naruto or get eaten by billy* 6_6;; Ino and her family are looking after the babies DONT LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THEM u_u or you will feel Billy's pure wrath...*nods* ((BILLY: I LOVE YOU NARUTO *kills hoi for doing this NOW*))

Kaze: On a journey to find his lost boyfriend ;.; he is determined to find Ree u_u He left a note for Kyuubi saying that he went to do that, and will return shortly (unless Kyuubi wants to go with him we could say) 6_6 (considering he dun really wana be seperated from Kyuubi T_T) up to you Meggo ^_^ KAZE LOVES YOU!!!! ((Kaze: *joins in the hoi stabbing*))

Jiraiya: he has been held captive by some amazonian women who caught him peeking u_u he is now used as their sex not bother trying to find him soon....he will do his best to stay there T__T he's a happy happy man....((jiraiya: *praises hoi for this*))

ALRIGHT see you all soon I hopes!

Hoi ♥~ *flies*
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[31 Aug 2006|10:03pm]

I'm obviously the new IC Sasuke.
But I'm not sure where to start.
Hints would be nice! ;D
And also, anyone wanting any sort of thing past established with Sasuke please share, thank you.

-second time ever using LJ, please forgive for suck-

>> I'm a bit shy, but aikei-chan, is giving me a quick run-down, and being very kind and helpful, so yeah, hopefully soon I can jump into the game.

Sasuke's aim is redeyedAVENGER, my naming skills are so weak, lol, and please, feel free to take the first step in im-ing me if you wish, cause I'm trying to get over the large friendlist thing. I'm so used to having only a few friends.
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[31 Aug 2006|09:40am]


New character!!!!

IC Temari this time ^_^!!!!


AIM: NinjaFanFetish
LJ: fanfetish

Please add!!! thank you and happy rping ^_^

CNJ moderate~
HoiSian ♥~
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NEW SASUKE RPER [29 Aug 2006|05:41pm]


We have a new character! A Sasuke!!!!!

Give a warm welcome u_u!


LJ: shariganprince

To the new Sasuke rper ^^ if you need any help just ask!

Happy rping y'all!

CNJ mod~

HoiSian ♥~
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I'll miss you all! [18 Aug 2006|11:00am]

flaksfhafhahkf!!! @@$%@#$$%!!

I'm leaving till thursday of next week. Beach thing with friends, shall miss you all. u.u

Dei is going to be a ho and go back to his world with Hisenko. Tayuya's . . . gonna go do stuffs. I love you all!

P.S. Tayuya will keep the condom with her where ever she goes, but she really needed two. u.u
P.S.S. Hisenko is not done molesting Sakura.
P.S.S.S. Dei is a big ol ho.
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[16 Aug 2006|04:42pm]


First thing, I started to advertise T_T nothing yet though, *groans* Chunnin kicked off my damn post even though I shrunk the image *HISSES* If anyone knows anyone who would be a good rper :l spread the news, I made a pretty banner!!! maybe advertise in places I haven't...

So far I have advertised in:

click for banner and codeCollapse )

New Characters!!!!!!


IC Hyuuga Neji
AIM: lovedbyfate
LJ: hand_motions

IC Jiraya
AIM: TuchMahTralala
LJ: peepfrog

OOC Deidara
AIM: HellFireAkatsuki
LJ: beautifulart

OOC Haku
AIM: Hisenko
LJ: frozen_abyss

OOC Shikamaru
AIM: PlayingxToxWin
LJ: king_of_game

Also expect an OOC Sasuke to pop up sometime soon once I got all the information together XD

Please update your friends lists!!!! click on the following links!


To [ADD]


To [ADD]


CNJ mod~
HoiSian xXx~
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[13 Aug 2006|02:51am]

[ mood | depressed ]

I honestly don't know why everyone puts up with my shit.....I'm a shitty ass mod, I don't update.....I don't even deserve to be here anymore.....I'm such a fucking hypocrit....I rarely rp w/ anyone, and whe nI do it's only with a select few people .__.; I really do love this comm, but I feel like an outcast, and that's probably my fault. Like everything else that happens here where I am. But since I don't even fucking do anything, I'm denouncing myself as a mod unless hoi really wants me to help out more, then I will....I just wish that someone would give me something to do.....Honestly though....I feel like the person no one wants around....And honestly, I wouldn't blame you all. No one wants me around anymore....And I'm not saying all this just to get attention....I'm saying all this 'cuz it's true....But anyway...I'm done talking and everyone can go back to pretending they don't hear me anyway.... ~___~; Go ahead and get pissed off at me for this...I don't care anymore, everyone's mad at me anyway....

Ex-Cnj Mod

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going away~ [11 Aug 2006|11:28pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

ok so im going away for two weeks as MOST people know already. So this is the situation with my characters:

Ino is on a mission. the babies are....well no one is supposed to know who theyre with XD but theyre with kyuubi unless he cant handle something then hes been told to give them to billy to take care of. but its supposed to be a secret, ssshhh!

Anko is on a mission too.

Cho is training

Chouji is on the same mission as Ino. ^_^

i'll try to be on sparatically. hopefully the hotels we stay in have internet connection! *crosses fingers8 oh btw Hoi when u read this:

on sunday i will be in london-heathrow airport from 8:15 to 12:15 if there are no delays. we're going to be in the lounge thingy cause of my dads special buisiness class card that he gets for work. they have computers in there >D rawr! i wanna say hi to you while im in england!

*will have to find a way to do so despite the computers most likely not having msn or AIM on them x_X* *sigh*


im leaving saturday night Eastern Standard Time so ill be on the computer until then ^^

JA NE! SEE YOU GUYS IN TWO WEEKS! and a week after i return is my birthday@ huzzah!

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Gone to UK! [08 Aug 2006|12:18pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

YOSH! vacation time for mina >.<

I'm off to UK this Thursday morning, like early morning!!...and tomorrow I'd be so busy to get on the computer, so might as well write this now >D

I'd be away for 4 weeks, I'll see ya guys later, Naruto will be gone to his mission ♥


Happy RPing, and remember...Happy pills makes the world go round!!

Mina ♥

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Sorry About Everything. [04 Aug 2006|12:56pm]

August is going to be an icky, icky month for me. x_x;;

I have two AP assignments which will continue to have a chokehold on my life, and to top things off, my dog just died (this is ironic in more ways than one, seeing as Akamaru was ill at the same time as he was. Of course, the outcome is the opposite of what ultimately became of Akamaru).

Unfortunately, since RPing is ranked pretty low on my list of priorities at present (it's not at the bottom, rest assured), I won't be participating in the Chuunin Exams... I'm sorry, but getting over this grief (I've had him since I was eight! He leaves behind another dog... but it's not like she misses him) and taking care of academic pre-requisites is (sadly) more of a necessity in my eyes than CnJ.

Truth be told, the last thing I want is for me to be kicked out of my AP classes because I failed to complete the summer assignments. I worked very hard to get accepted into these classes. There is only one AP Biology class in my school (if memory serves me right) and nought but a few AP United States History classes; no more than two or three.

To mirroriste--this is only a taste of what's yet to come. Just wait: when school comes around, I'll be mortally screwed. ._. When I'm not talking to you, I'm doing my assignments. Honestly. I just took a break yesterday is all. Congrats to Ino, by the way.

So yeah... please don't request an RP with Shino or Iruka because you will be put down (unless we have discussed it beforehand). I don't know how long this "hiatus" of sorts is set to last... I guess as long as it takes to complete these assignments.



4.7.98 - 7.31.06

For the record, an Advanced Placement class is a college-level course taken while still in high school that may or may not yield college credit (depending on the class and whether or not you pass the College Board Exams). It is usually voluntary (this is not always the case... my twin brother is being forced to take AP Biology because he so just happens to be a Bio-Med major). Ask mirroriste; she's not taking any AP classes.

My most heartfelt apologies to bluenaga... it must feel like I'm ignoring you. >.<;; I'm not--it's just that you always seem to go about IM-ing me at the most inconvenient of times.
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[31 Jul 2006|07:32am]

Heya guys, I have a little trouble at the moment for getting on line...

I have my driving test this friday so I won't be on much, instead I need to work on getting as prepared as I possibly can for you >.<;; HOI SHALL TRY PASS FIRST TIME *runs around in circles!!*

Erm erm, can I trust you people to get characters into groups of 3 for the chunnin exams? D:

sorry to pounce this on you all x.x;;; gotta be dun though >.<;;; i should be ready to do the chunnin's on saturday x.x no promises though >.> mum starting to hiss at me for being on the computer ;.;

also need to ask for more characters x.x but i dont have much time to do so ;.; i will try work out something ^^; but I apologise if I am slow talking to some of you u_u I is revising! *nodnod*


CNJ mod~
HoiSian ♥~
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Times Planned For Chunnin Exam [30 Jul 2006|10:33am]


alright u_u this is what we have so far....

My time: 7pm
East coast: 2pm
Canada: 2pm
West coast: 9am

if there are any problems please get in contact, date is still Saturday the 5th of August....

CNJ mod~

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Cause You're probably wondering about stuff [20 Jul 2006|07:09pm]

U_U Thankfully my friend is willing to lend me her laptop. So I shall make an early return. I'm apartment hunting at the moment, so my on and off time will be really wonky. For the most part I'll be invisible on either account.

So just to let you know, I have to make that dentist appointment still. At this rate it may be sometime during the beginning of Aug. So if I mysteriously disappear between now and then, I'm either moving or at the dentist.

Just giveing you a heads up on stuff.

I wuv juu all.

Bow down to my pussy . . . CAT!!!!

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