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Moving House

Alright, sorry for not doing this update sooner, but I have been very busy lately O_O

Me and my sister are moving into a flat today, and I will be leaving tomorrow to stay around D:

But problem is I wont have interent for possibly a few weeks, due to a mess up with the phone line over there z_z; I will try to get updated with everything using the interent at the university, but that means no rping through AIM or MSN as the university computers are crap T_T

We will try get it sorted as soon as possible and I will continue reading up on everything here x_x

Hope you all have fun! And good luck to everyone who has already gone back to college/school etc! ^_^

Muse Excuses

*thinks hard* >.<;;;;

Billy: On a mission T_T;; Can we say Tsunade gave him one after he asked for one to train for the chunnin exams ;__; sorry Naruto...HE WILL SEND FLOWERS EACH DAY DX;;; *and hoi will text mina and naruto or get eaten by billy* 6_6;; Ino and her family are looking after the babies DONT LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THEM u_u or you will feel Billy's pure wrath...*nods* ((BILLY: I LOVE YOU NARUTO *kills hoi for doing this NOW*))

Kaze: On a journey to find his lost boyfriend ;.; he is determined to find Ree u_u He left a note for Kyuubi saying that he went to do that, and will return shortly (unless Kyuubi wants to go with him we could say) 6_6 (considering he dun really wana be seperated from Kyuubi T_T) up to you Meggo ^_^ KAZE LOVES YOU!!!! ((Kaze: *joins in the hoi stabbing*))

Jiraiya: he has been held captive by some amazonian women who caught him peeking u_u he is now used as their sex slave....do not bother trying to find him soon....he will do his best to stay there T__T he's a happy happy man....((jiraiya: *praises hoi for this*))

ALRIGHT see you all soon I hopes!

Hoi ♥~ *flies*
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