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Nartuo Crack Role Play

Hey all, this is a crack Role Play community where mainly homosexual relationships based on the anime/manga Naruto © Kishimoto will be present...Naturally expect NC-17 stuff going on [a lot of adult humour and relationships between characters], strictly no one under the age of 16 for joining.

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The time period: Everything in the role play community began a few months before Naruto returned back to Konoha after the three year break [in the manga] (Naruto has returned early, but same time length still applies) Gaara is not yet Kazekage, the Akatsuki have not yet taken the Shukaku out and as this is a crack community, some of the characters are able to do certain things that naturally that they are just not usually capable of achieving [i.e. clean the house at the snap of their thingers or pull random objects out from no where]....

For an example of how a role play may turn out please look in the application area.

The role play community has been going on for a few months now, so quite a bit has developed since our original idea with the characters, plenty of crack, some very strange relationships, and still flowing with new idea's and activities amongst the characters!

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-[What we are looking for in an rper] we would like every rper have the ability to relax and express their true crack child. As said before, because this is crack, the characters will be ooc at times, CLICK HERE for an extreme example of a role play.
- If this is still appealing to you and you still wish to apply for a character then please email either hoisian or yoshimitsukurai using the following application form (emails found in contacts below):

Here is a link to the APPLICATION FORM [CLICK HERE] an example of an application form has been given just to aid with filling out your own. Please use the emails provided if you want to contact us, applications sent to another email that belongs to us will not be noticed


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1)Once you have applied AND been accepted, you must make a journal and an AIM for your character. Once both have been completed, please send a link to hoisian through email also stating which character it belongs to so to prevent any confusion.
2)You are not allowed to show aggression to other rpers inside the community, play nicely. If you are talking outside, I am afraid it is out of the mods hands.
3)There is a limit of 2 for how many of the same characters can be taken. ONE IC and ONE OOC...(creates more crack that way!) ~ taking into account though that characters will change and evolve due to their experiences and interaction with other characters.
4)You cannot apply for taken characters once all three available characters are taken. [please check the taken character list, we will just turn you down if you do not look into this before hand]
5)Show respect to the mods and the communtiy, otherwise you might find yourself being kicked out.
6)The community is there for *OOC posts only. [For those who do not know] To post up in the community you need to change the 'post to:' area before clicking on UP DATE JOURNAL. If you do not how to change the 'post to:' area CLICK HERE for a screen cap example.
7)Your character journals are for *IC posts only
8)When wanting to talk in OOC while IC please put it in brackets i.e. ((OOC: hi there))
9)You cannot apply for more then three characters
10)If you have dropped a character more then twice, you are not allowed to re-apply for another character, it creates confusion between the other characters in the rp and it is always difficult finding someone else to play the same character in the same way. Everyone has their own style of rp.
11)There seem to be two ways of role playing that has developed, for an example of these, please click on the following link: TWO WAYS TO ROLE PLAY
12)Help Advertise us in your journals if possible, some advertisement banners are available in the link below.
13)If you become a member of CNJ you must join cnj_cocacola, an OOC community for the role players of crack_no_jutsu! CLICK HERE to see why we have created this community.
14)If you are a member and want to apply for another character please CLICK HERE to fill out the application form provided. Post applications there, do not email the mods
15)If you are considering taking up an OOC character PLEASE THINK OF A NICK NAME OF YOUR CHARACTER SO WE ARE ABLE TO DEFINE IT FROM THE ORIGINAL...Sorry about the caps, I just want to make a point u.ú
16)Have fun, this IS crack after all ^^

*for definititions of terms and words used in the community and role playing, please visit our [Encyclopedia]

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Mod Info:
Name Responsibility
hoisian [Incharge of information]
yoshimitsukurai[The right hand of God hoi]

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Please click HERE for banners.

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Please CLICK HERE for information on taken characters.


Please CLICK HERE for characters available to apply for.

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For ADDING/REMOVING friends from your friends list, please go to the following links, this information will be updated regularly. The mods will notify you all when it has been altered so that no one is behind when new members or characters arrive. Instructions on how to do so are in the following links.



CLICK HERE If you would like to recieve and up-to-date premade list then please contact one of the community mods.

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cnj_cocacola [an OOC community for members of crack_no_jutsu]
cnj_info [where all the information about crack_no_jutsu is based]
dark_crack_coco [where the alternative ego characters are based]

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This community was officially created on the 5th August 2005